iPAS 2 Marketing System Review

iPAS stands for the internet Prospecting Acceleration System. It’s an online marketing “system” which promises to drive traffic to your site, sell visitors a product, and then earn you commissions from sales of that product.

ipas2 reviewsThe original iPAS was created back in 2011 by two guys named Chris Jones and Chris Campbell. It was designed as an add-on system for the Empower Network. The Empower Network is a multilevel marketing company which sells multiple tiers of memberships: existing members earn commissions by selling memberships to non-members.

The original iPAS was founded because Chris and Chris believed that they could do a better job marketing Empower Network and opening it up for new users. Since 2011, they’ve been tweaking the system to a point where it’s now called iPAS2.

iPAS 2 aims to be the world’s best home business opportunity by combining the lucrative commissions of the Empower Network with the skill and experience of a team of marketers who’ve seen it all.

How Does iPAS2 Work?

ipas2 black card member review

When you read stories about how to get rich through online marketing, you tend to stumble across lots of eBooks, instructional videos, and worthless guides created by so-called “gurus”.

iPAS 2 isn’t any of those things. Instead, you’re buying into a business network. By joining iPAS2, you’re joining a group of like-minded entrepreneurs dedicated to making money online.

The best way to describe iPAS2 is as an add-on for the Empower Network. If you’re not a current member of the Empower Network, then you can join iPAS 2.0 as a sort of “booster pack” to get a head start over your competition.

If you are a member of Empower Network already, then iPAS 2.0 presents a good opportunity to maximize profits for your business.

Ultimately, here’s how you make money through iPAS 2:

Step 1) You sign up for iPAS 2.0 and learn some of the latest marketing strategies currently used by some of the most successful online professionals in the world today. You can pay extra for a personal business coach or just read through guides, watch videos, and chat with your peers.

Step 2) You build your online business. Using a website, you convince people to subscribe to the Empower Network or join iPAS 2.0. You earn commissions from every person who signs up.

Step 3) You automate this system to create multiple streams of income “running on autopilot”, giving you the freedom to travel the world while making money at the same time.

Key Features of iPAS 2.0

Here are the most important features of iPAS 2:

High Converting Capture and Landing Pages: These landing pages have been created by marketing experts and specially designed to convert website visitors into paying customers. That means more affiliate commissions for you.

Phone Team Upsell: One of the biggest advantages of iPAS2 is that all members get access to their phone team of professional salespeople. These salespeople will close leads for you without taking your commission (although you will have to pay a monthly fee of $97 to iPAS2 in order to access this call team). It’s been repeatedly shown over time that people are more likely to convert through phone conversations, so this is a valuable add-on feature, especially if you have a lot of traffic.

Micro Commitments and Free Trials: iPAS 2 is filled with all sorts of micro commitments and free trials. As you progress through the sign up process, you’ll increasingly commit to the program. At the final stage, you (and your future customers) will input your credit card to sign up for the “free” trial as a sort of micro commitment (the trial typically costs between $1 and $7).

No Experience Required Using iPAS2 Marketing System

One of the cool parts about iPAS and iPAS 2.0 is that both systems have taken plenty of people from zeroes to heroes. Some of the most successful affiliates had minimal sales experience or knowledge when they joined. Today, they’re earning thousands in residual income every month.

You don’t even need to know how to build a website: there’s a built-in blogging platform waiting for you. This platform is similar to WordPress: what you see is what you get, and you can create attractive web pages even if you don’t know anything about coding.

Plus, you get access to all the high-quality iPAS 2 sales materials, including their customer service team on the phone and their high-converting landing pages.

How To Get Started with IPAS2

Getting started with iPAS 2 is relatively straightforward. You join through a current iPAS2 member. You can join at the pro, silver, gold, and black level:

iPAS 2 Pro ($144.95): Includes iPAS 2.0 Success System, Empower Network Viral Blogging System, access to Profit Maximizers, 24/7 support and coaching, and up to 50% commissions

iPAS 2 Silver ($644.95): Includes everything from iPAS2 Pro along with the Empower Network Costa Rica membership, the iPAS 2 coaching course, daily webinars and seminars, and additional training videos.

iPAS 2 Gold ($1,644.95): Includes everything from iPAS 2.0 Pro and Silver along with Traffic Sources Training, additional “Bonuses”, Advanced Training, and higher commission fees (although the exact percentages are not disclosed)

iPAS 2 Black ($5,144.95): Everything included with iPAS2 Pro, Silver, and Gold, along with your own personal business coach, affiliate management, black membership card for VIP events and discounts, cash prizes, expert training material, and commission fees as high as 70%.

iPAS2 System Trial ($7): View training material and guides on the iPAS 2.0 website. Take a peek behind the scenes of how iPAS 2.0 operates.

Additional Monthly Fees: iPAS 2 members will need to pay additional monthly fees to stay in the network. Otherwise, they’re kicked out. For Silver memberships, that fee is $25 per month, for Gold memberships, it’s $125 per month, and for Black memberships, it’s $222 per month.

You can see how effective this system is firsthand when you’re walking through it yourself. Obviously, your future leads will be going through this system one day, so you get a firsthand look at how this system works.

You can sign up for the free 5 day iPAS2 trial, which is also the trial period for the Empower Network. You’ll need to enter your credit card to start that trial, and your credit card will be charged about $47 per month once that five day trial period is complete.

It’s important to note that the iPAS 2 varies in price between $1 and $7, which is why you usually need to enter your credit card to access the trial.

iPAS 2 Commission Structure

iPAS 2 claims to offer a 100% commission structure. That’s a little misleading. They only offer 100% commissions on some of your own product sales. On other product sales, you get 0%.

When someone joins iPAS2 business system on the trial, you’ll earn 100% of that $7 fee they paid to join. If they joined as part of the Black package and paid $14,000 you would earn 100% of that fee.

Typically, this commission structure works like this:
-You earn 100% commission on your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and additional sales

-The commission on your 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th sales go up the network to be shared among higher members
Unfortunately, this commission structure is separated according to each product you sell. So if you sold 7 of one type of membership and 3 of another type of membership, you would only receive 4 commissions from a total of 10 sales. That doesn’t up to 100%, but it does make the people above you considerably wealthy.

Fortunately, as you build your own network below you, you can eventually enjoy this lucrative, top-heavy commission structure.

iPAS 2 is a marketing system that you can use to launch a profitable at-home business. It’s not a system you can use to become a millionaire overnight. In fact, you’re probably not going to even make $1000 in your first month.

But if you keep working at your site, building traffic, and concentrating on pushing visitors towards the proven sales funnels, you can eventually generate a lot of income online.

Don’t know how to do any of those things? That’s where the personal coaches and training guides will help you a lot. If you’ve been looking for an at-home business opportunity and are willing to invest a little money, then iPAS 2 is a legitimate internet marketing system anyone can use to generate thousands of dollars in residual income online.